how long will it take for us to see results from our seo campaign implementation

How long will it take for me to see results from an seo campaign implementation ?

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For SEO to start generating sales and leads after being invested in, it starts to work effectively depending on various factors. Many firms of SEO claim to start working within a period of four to six months.

However, seeing a result is actually when the SEO starts to work since it grows over time. Most companies tend to lose hope especially after investing in SEO as it takes a period of three months without showing their expected results.

As a result, they end up stopping the use of SEOs soon to cater for their costs. Factors which determine the time period when an SEO can begin to work depends on facts which, are not limited to content marketing, link profile and competition.

1. Content Marketing.

The amount of content available at the website is among the factors which determines the period when a SEO starts to work.

With the growth of traffic, content is required to be worked on ranging from the creation of pages that are valuable for search engines.

For example, the content pushed out is meant to be comprised of industry leading survey results, marketing pricing and so forth, for a particular business.

More so, websites that are comprised of duplicate content are bound to take long to bring results.  Content deserves to be long enough to ensure that a visitor’s problem is solved.

With refreshing and upgrading original and quality content about a business as needed, the results from SEO can be seen within a short time period.

Furthermore, new content should always be published slowly, since publishing a lot of new content especially at once can look to be unnatural to Google.

As an end result, ranking can easily be disrupted as ascertained by Google. With great content, SEO can easily produce business results due to the positive impact.

In fact, there is need to maintain a consistent schedule of publishing, since it shows Google the new content added to the website regularly, which, encourages to speed up SEO efforts.

Thus, it also encourages users to revisit the website more frequently, helping in sending to Google signals of positive user experience, and then the speeding up of SEO efforts.

2. Link Profile Building.

Building links takes time especially if someone is doing it on a scale to build business. The link profile of a specific business needs to be worked on full time with a bunch of links.

A numerous links can be built depending on the amount of content available at the website. Furthermore, inbound links still play a great role in SEO, although their impact on the period it takes depends specifically on several factors that are deeper.

First, is that the volume of links to a website helps in achieving SEO success at a quicker rate. With low-quality links on a website, there will be slow progress in the production of SEO results.

Therefore, one needs to focus on links of high quality from relevant websites to speed up SEO results production.

3. The competition.

SEO can delay to start working due to the factor of high competion. This happens when businesses in the same field are all investing in the use of SEOs. Those businesses selling services and products that real people will buy are bound to face varying competition degrees based on demand.

Consequently, it will take a long time for Google to rank the business results due to the high competion rates. Thus, it is the high competition rates that bring about the steady growth of traffic.

4.Key Terms(key words).

Choices of key words research are greatly essential as business websites are being built. The use of a variety of key words causes traffic increase which brings about changes in ranking.

Diversity of keyword topics with little competition can take a few weeks to bring results. On one hand, topics that are moderately competitive might take months; on the other hand highly competitive phrases can even take one or more years.

For example, a business website was ranked for the use of the term “marketing company”, which consequently produced steady flow of sales for numerous years.

Therefore, despite the availability of resources, man power and skills at SEO, it took a year of consistent work to have that achievement.

5. Domain Age.

While answering the time when SEOs start working, it also depends on the per domain basis. SEO results can easily be seen depending on the national SEO, local SEO and global SEO.

These greatly influence the SEO technique types performed at ones site. For instance, a local business website comprised of 100 pages, and running on Word Press, can be different compared to a global ecommerce site, since it comprises millions of pages.

Therefore, these differences cause a delay in the production of results from SEO.


SEO can start to work effectively depending on the time period or how long the website has been around.

If the website has been available for a shorter time period, of course there are other business entities which have been there for an extended period. For those that have spent there a short time, they have to be patient and wait for their SEO results.

Therefore, it is at the right timing, that their SEO results are sure to be out with the relevant details and expectations as required.

7. Target Market.

Depending on their expertise and research, SEO ensures that a specific plan for a business brand is formulated well. In this way, it is easy to understand when it is appropriate to bolster or shift an image on a website.

Also, SEO delays to bring results due to the need to live up the search engines standards that are high. Thus, there is need to optimize everything in its initial stage like, media, text, and code, plus other more things.

8.Time to Audit.

Time is required for doing and allowing auditing on the website. The fact that SEO is an information architect, knowledge is actually the foundation of all it does.

Therefore, auditing of the website is not limited to history, industry, key words, competition and so forth.

9. Work implementation.

Similarly, there is need to allow time to get the work implemented. As a matter of fact, the modern online SEO ensures that their reputation is managed well.

It ensures that websites go through, multi faceted processes which are taken genuinely. More so, SEO takes time to create a profile which is digital to establish a business as an authority.

Therefore, SEO has to take its time for work implementation in the most quality way.

10. Re-crawling.

After investing in SEO, one needs to give adequate time for recrawling everything by Google. SEO takes longer to start working due to the need to monitor all the facets of websites.

Thus, SEO does not only monitor while considering rankings alone but also the conversion rates and user experience.

11. Website Design and Shape.

While building a website design, the multi process venture calls for a continuous SEO brand profile which is comprised of rinsing and repeating. The rinsing and repeating processes are done on an ongoing basis.

In this way, SEO ensures that the website stays on the edge. For the effectiveness of an SEO to start working, it also depends on the website shape. Therefore, shaping and designing takes some time for quality output.

12.Seasonality and Technical SEO.

Delay in the production of results from SEOalso depends on the season. Season can be determined according to the number of people who have invested in the use of SEO.

If the investors are many and dealing in one specific product, SEO is bound to take long to produce results. For example, many people tend to invest in SEO during November and December and this causes traffic for the quick produce of results.

On the other hand, SEO has to ensure that its technical approach is of high quality while designing websites. Thus, seasonality and technical SEO are also among the factors that lead to the delay of results.


As a long term tactic of marketing, SEO should not be looked at as a way of generating quick sales. However, if made as a proper investment, and planned for in the long run, SEO is a strategic marketing tactic.

Technical SEO, website design, baseline traffic, geographic location, and target market, all determine how quick a business can gain results from SEO. Notably, SEO is never an overnight that everyone should never give up on it.

In using SEO, it requires consistency and patience while sticking to the business SEO strategy. The truth about how long the SEO takes to work calls for the need to analyze different variables for individual websites compared to the related variables for the websites of competitors.

All in all, there are majorly three specific criteria that are significant role on determining how long SEO can take to work: competition, content and the inbound links.

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