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  • Category : Bounce Rate Optimization
  • Date :12 Oct, 2019
  • Client :EABW Digital
bounce rate optimization

Project Brief:

Our client contacted us soon as he realized the traffic of his website was reducing and the bounce rate was increasing greatly.

This meant the value of the website was declining due to a high bounce rate.


Step 01

Understand the current situation

We did some analysis on the website and we learned  that the bounce rate had reached over 94.47% ,with a session duration of  Zero (0) Minutes and 22 seconds (time spent on the website by the visitors) .

bounce rate optimization
bounce rate optimization service

Step 02

Find a solution & Implement it

After learning about their situation we had to find out why they were having such results. We did this by testing the website against various good website qualities i.e website mobile friendliness,Website speed,Image optimization and a couple of other website qualities.


After  learning about the causes,we made the website mobile friendly,Improved its speed,optimized the images to reduce size of the web pages and a couple of other necessary tasks were implemented to reduce the bounce rate of our client’s website 



In conclusion

We are proud to report that our client’s website bounce rate has reduced by over 66.6% and this has improved the website’s ranking both locally and globally. This in turn has increased the website’s value since there are more visitors and they spend more time on the website than before.

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