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  • Category : SEO
  • Date :1 NOV, 2019
  • Client :EABW Digital
SEO Company in Uganda

Project Brief:

Before we implemented the SEO strategy, they had a challenge of their website not being found by their potential readers through Google easily.

The problem was that EABW Digital’s website was not optimised for SEO at the time. It ranked on the 4th page of Google for the majority of their focus keywords.

For that reason they met with us to analyse their situation and come up with a solution that would make their website visible on the first page of Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).


Step 01

Screenshot Interpretation

Before we implemented SEO,our client had monthly traffic was 6,800 Users,8,100 sessions,a bounce rate of 74.84% & session duration of 1 minute 17 seconds. 

SEO Company in Uganda
SEO Agency in Kampala,Uganda

Step 02

Find Problem & Solve it

The team at 1ADVERT Digital marketing gained access to EABW’S website,google analytics and started investigating the issues that the website was facing.

After discovering the weaknesses of the website,the team started optimizing the website and after sometime the results were impressive as shown on the left and still growing strong.

As you can see,there has been a significant increase in traffic over time.


In conclusion

The website’s rankings have improved and we are so proud of our work,that’s why we’re not afraid to share the results with the public.

website seo company in kampala,uganda

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